Master the Keys to Employment!

The Master’s Training Center Employment series will transform your job search from frustrating to successful, building confidence along the way.

Employer Psychology- Understand how employers think and make decisions when hiring!

Write a Resume that gets noticed!

Interview skills- how to answer those tough questions!

Check out the training calendar or call us today! 770-591-4730


paper towels, quart freezer bags and gallon zippy bags, beef stew, household cleaners, chili, canned fruit,  hamburger helper, boxed mashed potatoes, pasta/rice sides and ramen noodle packs. THANK YOU!


Sign up today for Kids Kamp July 17-19.  Cost is FREE and space is limited.
Come join with your kids in learning ways to grow a garden, exercise and eat to create a healthier family. Each day starts 10am and ends at 12pm. Check out the FOR KIDS tab for our registration form. 770-591-4730



Founded in 1998, Papa’s Pantry is a Christ Centered non-profit organization that helps people to get on their feet by providing food assistance and stability training.  Papa’s is not owned or operated by a particular church or denomination, nor does the organization seek government funding. Papa’s work continues through partnerships and donations from the local Christian Community.

Help-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry is their when you need help we are located in Woodstock, Ga you can contact us at 770-591-4730

Hope-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry is a beacon of hope in the middle of Woodstock, Ga you can contact us at 770-591-4730

Faith-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry puts it’s faith in God to supply all their needs. Contact us at 770-591-4730

Love-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry lifts you up and makes you feel loved. Please contact us if you need any assistance at 770-591-4730.