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“I wish I had known about Encompass sooner!” – Anonymous Client

Throughout this series, you’ll read of some of the struggles our very own friends in the community are going through.  You may not be able to tell that they are in financial trouble based on the car they drive or the house they call home.  Underneath, many times, lie unspeakable, unfathomable circumstances that others can only relate to on TV or in the movies.  What we will share will be stories we’ve heard through tears, fears, and desperation. Please note, we are leaving out identifying details, so each family remains anonymous.

Three days before Christmas in 2018, without warning, I was let go from my job.  My wife had lost her job just two weeks earlier. This was Christmas!  The most expensive time of the year!  Who lets people go at Christmas?! We were going along just fine, then BAM! BAM!!  Presents were bought. The fridge was full. But bills would come due in just a week. We were already struggling with the thought of one income… I mean, who hires in December?

Saying we were scared is an understatement.

Most all churches and agencies were closed the week between Christmas and New Years.  But, that first week after the holidays, my rent already late, I began to make calls looking for help.  January is no time to be homeless.

One kind lady at one of the churches I spoke to asked if I had heard of Papa’s Pantry.  Honestly, I was more worried about housing than I was about food. Our refrigerator wasn’t bare… yet.  She explained that there were some programs in place to help people like me who were struggling to make ends meet.   I immediately called.

I made an appointment and met with an advocate who patiently listened to my story.  I felt safe, and reassured that I would not have to face this alone.  She explained how their partner program worked.  They would help me navigate in my job search, every step.  I was encouraged to come in at least once per week to meet with my trainer and coach so my job search didn’t get stale or unproductive.  Bonus, I could also get groceries from their pantry every week through the process.  I would not have to go to other pantries to keep food on the table.  Who wouldn’t want to participate in this?

I entered their partnership program and met Faith, the training director.  Through her classes, light bulbs went off in my mind!  The first thing she taught our class was about Employer Psychology; how hiring managers think and make decisions.  I realized then, that my job search would have been a very long one had I not decided to give this program a try. 

I called Faith every time I had a lead.  I was trying to go back into a previous field that I loved, but it had been earlier in my life when I wasn’t making the greatest decisions.  She continued to coach me through the entire process.  I made it past the resume acceptance and the interview process.  I was given an offer based on a background check and testing.  Unbelievable.  What a hope-for, yet, unexpected home run!

As it turned out, I was given 3 offers within a week or so.  I wound up taking the best one, of course.  I am happy to say I love my job! It was wonderful having choices and options. 

All through the process, Faith kept my spirits up.  I never felt like I was alone.  I thank God everyday that He brought her, The Master’s Training Center, and such a great group of people into my life. I learned more than just how to get a job.  This is truly a ministry that ministers to mind, body, and spirit.  I am forever grateful.  I have gained new friends in my life’s journey.

Want to be a part of Encompass Ministries?

Your donation will help families, much like this one. Encompass IS much more than food.  Its a ministry.  Its a proven program, that for 21 years, works, and is implemented by people who care.

The program is simple. Give people good, nutritious food they can select for themselves.  Help them gain an income quickly, then transition to “budgeting” where they will save  a $1,000 emergency fund.  Most of all, give encouragement and hugs along the way.

Each tax-deductible donation of $100 will provide an average family 2 weeks of staff guidance/training and groceries which includes meat, milk, and produce. We cannot compete with those who provide meals for pennies on the dollar, nor do we try. Our families are given the best… not luxurious, but much better than simply raman noodles or mac and cheese.  It is our heart to be the best for our families’ best.

All our funding comes from people like you,
businesses, and churches, not government.
Won’t you “Co-Mission” with us on this Mission Field? 
You can safely donate on EncompassMinistriesInc.org
or send a check to 6551 Commerce Parkway,
Woodstock, GA  30189  / 770-591-4707


1.) Quart Size Freezer Bags 2.) Jelly 3.) Baked Beans 4.) Canned Sweet Potatoes 5.) Chili 6.) Boxed Potatoes 7.) Canned Fruit 8.) Pasta Sauce 9.) Hamburger / Tuna Helper 10.) Boxed Stuffing



Founded in 1998, Papa’s Pantry is a Christ Centered non-profit organization that helps people to get on their feet by providing food assistance and stability training.  Papa’s is not owned or operated by a particular church or denomination, nor does the organization seek government funding. Papa’s work continues through partnerships and donations from the local Christian Community.

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Papa’s Pantry is there when you need help! We are located in Woodstock, Ga you can contact us at 770-591-4730

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