Top 10 Food Needs This Week:

  1. 1. quart boxed milk 2. canned meats and spam 3. canned fruit  4. quart freezer and sandwich bags 5. lima beans 6. canned pasta 7. canned chili 8. hamburger helper 9. coffee and creamer 10. plastic cutlery     THANK YOU so much for your support and donations!

School Supply Drive

The first day of summer is here yet many are already concerned with the cost of back to school needs!  Would you like to help?  Items needed are: backpacks, 3 subject notebooks, kleenex boxes, hand sanitizer, head sets, glue sticks, #2 pencils, colored pencils, pencil pouches and markers.  Thank you for all you do!

Cooking With The Masters!

Cooking with Maureen Penniman, Owner of Bees Knees Gifts, Cafe, and Market and Sue Becker of The Bread Beckers…
July 25th 6pm-8pm $20 pre-paid (or $25 at the door) Please register today! 770-591-4730 SPACE IS LIMITED!




Founded in 1998, Papa’s Pantry is a Christ Centered non-profit organization that helps people to get on their feet by providing food assistance and stability training.  Papa’s is not owned or operated by a particular church or denomination, nor does the organization seek government funding. Papa’s work continues through partnerships and donations from the local Christian Community.

Help-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry is their when you need help we are located in Woodstock, Ga you can contact us at 770-591-4730

Hope-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry is a beacon of hope in the middle of Woodstock, Ga you can contact us at 770-591-4730

Faith-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry puts it’s faith in God to supply all their needs. Contact us at 770-591-4730

Love-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry lifts you up and makes you feel loved. Please contact us if you need any assistance at 770-591-4730.