Top 10 Food Needs This Week:

  1. 1. canned pasta 2. canned corned beef, canned ham and spam 3. canned fruit  4. quart freezer bags 5. pasta sides 6. box/bag of instant potatoes 7. hamburger helper 8. evaporated milk 9. clorox wipes 10. cleaning supplies     THANK YOU so much for your support and donations!

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Cooking With The Masters!

Cooking with Maureen Penniman, Owner of Bees Knees Gifts, Cafe, and Market and Sue Becker of The Bread Beckers…Italian Night!
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Founded in 1998, Papa’s Pantry is a Christ Centered non-profit organization that helps people to get on their feet by providing food assistance and stability training.  Papa’s is not owned or operated by a particular church or denomination, nor does the organization seek government funding. Papa’s work continues through partnerships and donations from the local Christian Community.

Help-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry is their when you need help we are located in Woodstock, Ga you can contact us at 770-591-4730

Hope-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry is a beacon of hope in the middle of Woodstock, Ga you can contact us at 770-591-4730

Faith-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry puts it’s faith in God to supply all their needs. Contact us at 770-591-4730

Love-Papa’s Pantry

Papa’s Pantry lifts you up and makes you feel loved. Please contact us if you need any assistance at 770-591-4730.