Meet Our Board

Lynne Saunders, CEO and President

Papa’s Pantry and Lynne’s walk into ministry began in 1998 after a mission trip to India, sponsored by her church, Mount Paran Church of God. She witnessed the deep-rooted Indian cultural hardship of many without hope of a better life. Once home in the U.S. she realized, “There are so many resources in this country… Why aren’t they working?” That was the beginning of Papa’s Pantry. Lynne sought the Lord’s wisdom, deeply desiring to serve. The Lord blessed Lynne and Papa’s Pantry within a week – the name, the provision, and so much more. Lynne happily says she has no credentials and no experience in social services… until she studied under the Almighty. Her formal education ends with a 1976 Associate degree in Business with a minor in Psychology from Finger Lakes Community College in New York. Currently Lynne is enrolled in the Israel Study Center certification program.  On top of managing Papa’s Pantry, she actively researches and writes an ongoing bible study and publishes the Community Christian News magazine. Lynne is the wife of Bill Saunders for 36 years and the mother of 3 grown daughters, mother in law to strong sons in laws, and the grandmother of five wonderful grandchildren. She is the founder and CEO of the 501(c)3 organization of Papa’s Pantry, founded in 1998.



Tom Prior, Treasurer

Tom is a retired Colonel with 30 years in the USAF. He has a BA in Accounting from the University of Oregon and a Masters of Systems Management from the University of Southern California. Tom has served 5 years with the Houston County Habitat for Humanity. He has been with the Boy Scouts of America for 18 years and is the Executive Director of The Salvation Army Red Kettle Coordinator.  Tom has been married to Mary, for 34 years and they have two sons, Jason and Ryan.  He chose to serve on Papa’s Board for “the opportunity to serve my community in an environment that helps and develops families for success.”  Tom has been a Board Member since 2015.



John R. Everman, Secretary

John is a retired Federal Mediator and Human Resources Executive. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business at Miami University, Ohio and his MBA from St. Francis University in PA. John and his wife, Lydia, have a son, Brad, and two daughters, Sarah Jane and Courtney.  He chose Papa’s Board due to his inspiration from Lynne Saunders, the “uniqueness of the organization” and “their true giving mission.”  John has been a Board Member since 2012.



Virginia Abeling

Virginia is Lynne’s mother and has been a Board Member since 2003. She is active in her community and has been working with world-wide missionaries through her church for over 20 years. Virginia is widowed with a daughter, 3 granddaughters and 5 great-grandchildren.



Danny Branom

Danny has been in the automotive arena for over 30 years. He moved to Atlanta in 2000 and started a Christian based automotive repair shop in Woodstock in 2009.  Danny has been married to Connie for 36 years and they have a son, Nathan, and daughter, Amanda. Danny chose to serve on Papa’s Board because “I believe in a hand up, not a hand out. We are charged to help those in need.”  He has been a Board Member since 2015.



Sarah Duckworth

Sarah is a Sales Executive for Macy’s.  She has a BA in History and a Minor in Bible and Theology from Lee University.  Sarah has a background as an In-home counselor working with foster children for the State of Georgia Department of Human Services advocating for families and children.  She is a loving daughter, sister and girlfriend. Sarah enjoys hiking, reading and is a member of the Mount Paran Choir in Atlanta. She chose to become a Papa’s Board Member because of “experiencing needs in my own life and witnessing other in need in various settings, I was inspired when I learned about Papa’s mission and programs. I am passionate about rebuilding families and stabilization. Papa’s is one of a kind and it is an honor to serve on the Board.” Sarah has been on the Board since 2016.



Tom Jinks, Jr.

Tom is a native Atlantan and Ga Tech graduate. Go Jackets! He is a retired Information Technology Executive with over 30 years of experience in IT compliance, governance and security. Tom and his wife, Kay, live in Woodstock and have four adult children and five grandchildren.  “We have sponsored Papa’s for many years and I have participated on the board for 1 1/2 years.  We selected Papa’s because of the Christian based values and focus on family healing.” Tom has been a Board Member since 2016.



Jeff Nevison

Jeff is an Ohio farm boy who learned hard work and real life skills at a young age. He spent 16 years in Retail Executive Management and have been a Small Business Owner for 15 years. Jeff attended Daytona Community College and in being surrendered to Christ, he is still learning everyday! He and his wife, Karen, have been married 38 years and have two children, Ryan and Ashley.  Jeff is one of our newest Board Members. He serves because ” I have a strong desire to serve others that need a helping hand.  Everyone needs to feel that someone notices them, loves them and sincerely cares for them.  I support Papa’s Pantry model to love, feed, teach and bring restoration to individuals and families.  Giving someone hope is at the core of my Christian faith and serving others through Papa’s Pantry gives me opportunity to share the hope that Christ put in me with others.  I believe that poverty of the soul can be more easily addressed by first addressing the poverty of a person’s most basic needs; food, friendship, self-esteem.  I believe that when you meet people where they’re at, and show them that you really care in their most desperate time of need, this is a demonstrating the love of Christ.  It’s what he did for me.”



Vincent Poole

Vincent has been a previous Board Member from 2003-2012 and we are very happy to welcome him back in 2017! He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from NC Central University and his Masters in Public Administration from UNC. Vincent is a Belmont Graduate for Mental Health Counseling with a focus on children and adolescents. He has been married to Stephanie for 22 years and they have two daughters, Dominique and Mikayla.  Vincent serves “Because my heart is for those things God loves. God loves people and He calls us to love one another. Papa’s is fulfilling the area of love. Are we our Brother’s Keeper? Papa’s answers this question with every touch they give. They’ve followed their gifts and shared them with the community. Their main gift is love. Love never fails.”



Image of Board Member Bill Saunders

Bill Saunders

Bill has a BBA from Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, NC and an MBA in Finance from Kennesaw State University.  He joined Southern Bell in 1979 as a Long Distance Operator and has worked in Telecommunications since.  After 18 years in various positions, cities and states in Operator Services with what became BellSouth, Bill moved to Finance and worked on several projects until in 2008 after AT&T acquired BellSouth he moved to AT&T Mobility Finance. He has been married to Lynne Saunders for 35 years and they have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren. Bill is inspired because “Papa’s Pantry is not a handout but a hand up. I grew up with that model in my own family and when Lynne came home from India and began talking about what became the Pantry I knew she would shape and form it to be an example of how you lift people out of their circumstances rather than perpetuate the problem. I believe that the Pantry is the only way to truly show the love and compassion people need. The Pantry changes people’s lives by walking along beside them until they can strike out on their own again. No other charity of its kind that I know of does that.” Bill has been on the board since it’s origination in 1998.